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Business News | Marwadi Financial Services launches Systematic Equity Plan: an optimized, value-driven solution for investing directly in equities

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]February 28 (ANI/PNN): Marwadi Financial Services presents its Systematic Equity Plan (SEP) along the lines of its campaign “Ab SIP ki smartness, equities mein!” – a facility to optimize investment paths in stock markets for investors.

The foundations of SEPs derive from the value offered by the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for mutual funds where individuals can periodically invest a specific sum in specific funds. Marwadi Systematic Equity Plan (SEP) facilitates investing in shares directly at different intervals. Along with the benefit of disciplined equity investing, the SEP product is backed by research-driven insights where our research team decodes market and company data to identify top performers, ensuring a balanced stock portfolio. The offer is ideal for long-term investors who want to see a high CAGR accumulation in their stock holdings. It adjusts for volatility and inflation while leaving the reins to market experts.

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With the growing number of retail investors, catalyzed by fintech and digital inclusion initiatives, equity investments have taken center stage and awareness of this asset class has risen accordingly. Answering the call of the modern investor, this facility, backed by the institution with over 3 decades of experience, is poised to make direct equity investing less daunting.

Sharing his insights on the path to investing, Keval Bhanushali, CEO of Marwadi Financial Services, explains, “Modern investors deserve innovation when investing in stocks. is the eighth wonder of the world – Rupee Averaging is the ninth wonder of the world that has the power to amass wealth. With fluctuations and the potential for profits on any horizon, it only makes sense that investors adopt a structured approach to investing. The smart SEP facility helps investors accumulate an admirable share of the crème de la crème of the stock market without incurring the premiums payable during the highs. Marwadi Financial Services goes even further to offer the investor a suite of benefits. This benefit coupled with a comprehensive Transparency Policy allows investors to focus on their journey to wealth creation without worrying about mismanagement.”

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Commenting on the investment philosophies employed, Jay Thakkar, Head of Equity Research and Vice President of Marwadi Financial Services explains: “The SEP facility leverages direct equities most effectively, making it a viable approach for most investors. At Marwadi Financial Services, portfolio growth is governed by the foundations of the investment strategy model “FORESEE – 4Cs” – Right Price, Clean Management, Competitive Advantage and Steady Growth. It makes the most of the inherent advantage of rupee cost averaging and a pricing model that corrects in response to market movements. As such, value creation is not only prioritized, but also achieved in a sustainable way over the long term. Additionally, all recommended stocks throughout the investment window are weighted according to their ability to generate profits. Common markers assessed include the company’s strategy vis-à-vis their competitors, their growth track record, and their projections. Our research wing is adept at identifying these performance ers and continuously optimizes to stay ahead of the game. »

Marwadi Financial Services’ SEP product offering is advantageous in that overvalued stocks are eliminated and companies that have a strong strategy relative to their competitors are selected. Value creation is ensured because companies with own management are selected thanks to our extensive forensic research. In today’s times, where individuals are facing market prediction challenges and don’t have time to follow the market on a regular basis, it is imperative to select the right basket of stocks that will perform well over time. time thanks to product innovations.

Marwadi Financial Services (registered as Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited) is the investment and financial services arm of the young Marwadi Group for 3 decades. The group was incorporated in 1992 and has ventured into various sectors including financial services, education and solar energy. Across all of its verticals, Marwadi Group has seen steady growth and boasts a strong team of over 2,500 employees. The company is spread over 97+ geographical locations across India, with over 500 partners to serve the strong community of over 4 lakh+ esteemed customers. Enabling and empowering its clients on their wealth creation journey, the company offers a wide range of financial products and services including stocks, commodities, currencies, depository facilities, IPOs and the distribution of mutual funds and advisory services.

Marwadi Financial Services is a trusted financial services solutions provider. With its robust business model, it offers unparalleled value for those seeking financial freedom. The company’s mission is to provide quality advisory services, not only to the existing set of loyal clients, but to all investors across geographies in India, through innovative digital solutions and models based on AI. As a strategic and trusted financial partner, Marwadi Financial Services is committed to earning clients’ trust by investing for their financial well-being.


“Investment in the securities market is subject to market risk, read all related documents carefully before investing.”

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