Credit check

How to get a loan without a credit check in Canada

Focus Cash Loans offers instant approval for payday loans, regardless of your credit score

Are you looking for an easy-to-qualify and easy-to-apply short-term loan?

Are you worried that bad credit will prevent you from getting the money you need to cover unexpected expenses?

If you need money fast, Prioritize cash loans is there for you, with short-term loans that let you borrow up to $1,500, deposited into your bank account in minutes.

You can apply online from your mobile device or laptop. Trusted online lender helps Canadians with 24/7 instant online electronic transfer payday loans in Canada since 2008.

Unlike other lenders, Focus Cash Loans does not perform credit checks and has a personalized approach to each loan application.

Qualifications are simple and easy to complete. If you can answer yes to the following questions, you are eligible for a moment online personal loan of Focus Cash Loans:

  • Are you currently employed or receiving disability benefits from CPP, a private pension plan, EI, WCB, CLC or a non-governmental organization?
  • Do you have an active checking account that has been open for at least three months, with your income deposited directly into that checking account?
  • Are you 19 or older?
  • Is your net income at least $1,200 per month?
  • Do you have a phone number where you can be reached?

It’s so simple.

The online application process is easy to navigate. Simply complete the online application from the comfort of your home and submit the required documents.

Focus Cash Loans offers an online experience when applying for a loan. You will be prompted to electronically submit your bank statement once you complete the online loan application form, no need to fax any documents.

You can be approved in just 30 minutes and receive your funds via email transfer.

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