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Malta Financial Services Authority website cloned in scam

Malta’s Financial Services Authority website has been cloned as part of a scam, the authority has announced.

A website using the look and feel of the MFSA website but pretending to be the Netherlands Financial Services Authority (“NFSA”) for the purpose of misleading the public. It is not yet known whether there have been any victims of the scam.

The website is present on the Internet at the address however, the website is currently offline.

The MFSA reiterated that people should never provide sensitive and confidential information on social media, email or other means to strangers.

“The public should be extremely cautious when approached through unconventional channels such as phone calls, emails or social media,” he said.

For more information on cloned websites, please see the Scam Detection Guidelines published by the MFSA at

If you are the victim of a scam or believe you are dealing with an unauthorized entity or any other type of financial fraud, stop all dealings with the company and contact the MFSA on as soon as a suspicion arises.

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