Credit check

Credit Check Wednesday helps identify scams and identity theft

Following the November “shopping holiday”, Elder Victim Ministry coordinated a “Credit Check Wednesday” program on December 1st. Individuals can visit participating financial institutions to access their credit report free of charge. “In working with victims of identity theft or scams, we have observed that most have not checked their credit reports,” said Elysia Bush, director […]

Online loans

The role of government in protecting citizens from illegal online lending

The community has recently become aware of the practice of illegal online lending. Some people mistakenly assumed that online loans from financial technology (fintech) companies could help solve their financial problems. However, on the contrary, the illegal practice of online lending actually harms society by insulting and threatening it. These people behind the practice of […]

Credit check

What a government shutdown would mean for the last child tax credit check

legagna | E+ | Getty Images Millions of American families with children are set to receive the last of six monthly child tax credit advance payments on December 15. Yet just days earlier, on December 3, the US government is set to close unless Congress approves more funding to keep it open until the end […]

Credit check

Stimulus update: Some people could see a bigger child tax credit check in December

The penultimate child tax credit payment will start hitting accounts on November 15. And, unless Congress decides to extend the monthly payments, the last installment will arrive in December. Generally, the Child Tax Credit provides up to $300 per month for each child under age 6 and up to $250 per month for each child […]