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Altafid launches the first marketplace for fiduciary financial services

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Altafid, an Austin-based US company that built the first fiduciary financial services marketplace, is expanding overseas to serve global investors by providing a full range of financial products, solutions and expertise. Using a simple and transparent fee structure, the company aims to provide truly comprehensive wealth management services, offering all aspects of personal wealth and financial planning encompassed in one comprehensive offering. The latter includes wealth management, investments, tax-optimized strategies, estate planning and, soon, alternative investments and insurance products.

“At the heart of our mission is to become a trusted partner, acting as a true fiduciary, who puts the interests of our clients first when it comes to managing their wealth,” says Vito Sciaraffia, PhD, Founder and CEO of Altafid. “We do not limit our offer to in-house solutions and products. Rather, through an advanced platform, we provide clients with access to the best financial solutions, from a wide range of providers, with expert advice along the way and at a fraction of the cost of companies in place. We offer these services while retaining the human component of a traditional wealth advisor for each client, so they can build a long-term financial plan that underpins all their wealth decisions.

Technology driven

The Altafid platform is a purpose-built ecosystem that empowers clients to achieve their financial goals through superior technology and experienced professional guidance. Altafid’s digital platform is enhanced by an open architecture that enables the efficient integration of custodians, brokers and insurance companies, with the ability to layer additional services from these providers.

For clients, individuals and institutions, Altafid’s technological orientation reduces intermediaries and increases the number of options for all types of financial services. Individual investors gain in both access and cost, without having to sacrifice the benefits of working with an advisor. The platform allows clients to directly monitor all the decisions they make regarding investments, wills, insurance and more. The customer is always in control, which is at the heart of Altafid’s value proposition: it helps build lasting trust between customers, advisors and product providers.

“We leverage today’s most advanced cloud-native technology, including event-driven architecture, machine learning, and application extensions that enable data collection, analysis, and prediction. intention of real-time data to maximize engagement with financial customers,” says Duc Hang, CTO of Altafid. . “Clients will receive personalized, high-quality fiduciary services at affordable rates. They will be accessible either directly online or through their current financial advisors, depending on the clients’ choice.

Access to high quality offshore asset management services includes leading global institutions, such as BlackRock, Dimensional Fund Advisors, JP Morgan, PIMCO and State Street.

Technology to enhance, not suppress, human interaction

For wealth management and investment advisors, the platform also offers comprehensive analytics and data-driven insights, giving industry professionals more time to focus on adding value, driving engagement better quality client and better fiduciary alignment. Technology is being deployed to empower, not replace, advisors: it allows them to serve customers better, spending less time on operational tasks and more time interacting directly with customers.

Through Altafid, a dedicated wealth management consultant provides access to global custodial services, provides high-quality customer service and ensures cost-effective pricing for financial products.

Clients must meet a minimum family asset requirement of $100,000.

Abroad, Altafid currently operates in Chile and Peru, and plans to open new offices in other Latin American markets in the coming months.

Huge potential market

The future size and potential wealth of this market is attractive to managers who can meet the growing needs of investors in Latin America, both institutional and retail. According to PwC1Latin America’s total assets under management will grow from $8 trillion to $14 trillion over the next five years.

By 2025, global assets under management will nearly double from US$84.9 trillion in 2016 to US$145.4 trillion in 2025, with the fastest growth seen in developing markets in Latin America and Asia-Pacific.1

About Altafid

Altafid is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with operations in New York and Los Angeles.

Balance between purpose and profit. Altafid is committed to having a positive impact on its customers, partners and society. Altafid is a public benefit corporation (PBC) and is therefore required to specify one or more public benefits that the company seeks to pursue, as well as its mission to act in the best interests of all its stakeholders, not just shareholders. Altafid believes in achieving purpose as well as business profit: we are committed to positively impacting society through education. For this reason, we partner with the best higher education institutions in the markets where we operate, providing support for the best students. For more information, visit:

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