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Halsted financial services scam: – What is the Halsted scam?

Are you interested in learning more about Halsted Financial Services Do you want to know why so many people have complained about Halsted Financial Services. You should read this article till the end if you are.

The United States want to know more about financial scams.

This article will inform you about Halsted Financial Services Fraud .

What is the Halsted scam?

Halsted Financial Service has been accredited by the BBB, which is the Better Business Bureau and a third-party certified collection agent. They offer debt collection services to businesses such as retail, credit card, automotive, telecommunications, and utilities. Halsted may be engaged by creditors to collect their debt. However, Halsted Financial Services has come under fire from some for receiving calls from someone identifying themselves as Halsted’s agent. The callers are also threatening to sue. Many people who have received such calls have complained of Halsted Financial Services Scam .

How to protect consumers against scams?

According to the Better Business Bureau, Halsted Financial has been the subject of nearly 196 complaints. 500 complaints were received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus (CFPBs) have established standards to protect consumers from aggressive debt collectors. Are prohibited by the CFPB:

  • Calls received before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
  • Violations or threats of violence
  • Act as a lawyer
  • Even after sending a cease and desist letter, you can still contact customers
  • Talk about your debts with your family and friends
  • Multiple calls on the same day
  • Debt validation request

Criticisms and legitimacy of Halsted Financial Services Fraud

Halsted Financial Service is a company that collects debts from creditors. To check the legitimacy of the website, you can check the following information.

  • Creation date: 29 May 2008 at 14:33.35
  • Expiration date: May 29, 2030 at 2:33.35 PM
  • Age of the site: 14 years 2 months 27 days
  • Trust rating The website has a trust score of 50%

We cannot determine if Halsted is legitimate based on the above information.

Indeed, even though Halsted has been around for a while, its trust index remains low. Halsted Financial Services Scam was discussed because of people’s complaints.

Three years of constant complaints have raised doubts about the legitimacy of the website. Many of those associated with Halsted claim to have been harassed by Halsted officers. Some have even complained about their billing and collection.


Although Halsted has been around for a while, it cannot be said to be a trustworthy site as it has a low trust score. Also, any complaint against Halsted proves that Halsted Financial Services Scam and people are harassed. information, please click on the link. Did you find this article useful? Please leave comments below if you found the article informative.