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Offer many financial services from your store and increase

Money Transfer, Bill Pay, Mobile Recharge, Indo Nepal Payment

Banking can be different with responsive, relevant, reliable and best-in-class digital banking solutions. SOULPAY makes digital banking more transparent, accessible and fair. No more time spent interacting with bank clerk or branch visits – daily banking operations are fully provided through SOULPAY app, integrated with pleasant and functional user experience design, leading to seamless financial transactions and sure.


SOULPAY was established to provide financial assistance to the unreached population through a trusted SOULPAY network.

SOULPAY has partnered with retail stores and built a strong community to help with financial services like money transfers, mobile recharges, bill payments, and more. This whole journey is designed to help retail partners grow and thrive in this technological age.

With SOULPAY, you get:
High Earnings – Help traders earn high profits in emerging markets by managing financial transactions.

Top Security – Provides top-notch payment security that helps retailers grow their existing customer base.

Fastest processing – SOULPAY has a powerful backend based on cloud technology to speed up the money transfer process.

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SOULPAY believes in:
● Improve and increase the quality of your life
● Helping the migrant population by helping
financial services
● Gather Atmanirbhar Bharat
● Innovate and deliver great digital products

SOULPAY offers excellent earning potential with the ability to grow your business without any additional investment. It offers several best digital banking solutions from your store and quickly increases your monthly salary. Whether you are a retailer or a distributor, it offers smart solutions for everyone. So, connect as a retailer or distributor and deliver unparalleled service excellence to the underserved population.

For retailers
Improve your store and start earning more by taking a digital suite of products. This platform will train you well to become a SOULPAY reseller without any investment. You can increase your income by offering digital and financial services to the unreached population. Become the most trusted retailer in your area.

or Distributors
If you have a large network of retailers, use it to increase your distribution business by joining the SOULPAY network. SOULPAY’s digital platform will provide financial empowerment to everyone connected with us. There is no need for high investments, physical store or staff to run your business. Every time a retailer in your network provides a financial service to the customer, you both earn money. SOULPAY provides training support to all your retailers so they can get the most out of the technology, and ultimately, you both benefit.

Now you can control your own finances with the best digital banking solutions!
SOULPAY’s multiple digital banking services tend to deliver above-average customer satisfaction:

✔ Recharge
Complete your mobile top-up in seconds with a 99% success rate at SOULPAY.

✔ DTH payment
The unreached population now has access to paid DTH recharge safely with us.

✔ Money transfer
Visit your nearest SOULPAY store and transfer money anywhere in India in the safest, fastest and easiest way.

✔ Bill payment
Paying electricity, water and gas bills on time is no longer a problem with SOULPAY.

✔ AEPS (Aadhaar Bank)
Give your customers the privilege of instantly withdrawing cash and government relief funds by acting as an ATM for them.

✔ Payment by credit card
Help your customers pay their credit card bills hassle-free and earn a nice commission on it.

✔ Bus ticket booking
Book bus tickets for your customers by offering them a full range of bus operators across the country.

✔ Flight booking
Earn great commissions on flight bookings while helping your customers book tickets at highly competitive rates.

✔ Indo-Nepal
Any SOULPAY retailer can help their customers transfer money to Nepal without any hassle.

✔ Micro ATM
Help your customers withdraw money without going through banks by carrying out banking transactions.

Anyone can go to the nearest SOULPAY store to pay EMI or cashback from any online store.

Are you ready to enjoy the convenience of banking services with top-notch facilities anytime, anywhere? SOULPAY can help you make your finances easier and make better financial decisions for you and your families!
When it is possible to increase your monthly income without any additional investment, consider it an opportunity not to be missed. Allow SOULPAY to help you become part of an Atma Nirbhar network where all banking facilities are available without any inconvenience. SOULPAY makes the process of sending money and paying efficiently easy and affordable with its best reliable digital banking solutions. Boost engagement by delivering digital banking services that meet your customers’ needs. Deliver efficient mobile banking, speed up transaction processing, and offer personalized account information to build strong customer relationships.

69/2 Ground Floor, Najafgarh Road
Near Hyundai Moti Nagar showroom, Delhi.

SOULPAY is an app that provides digital banking services to the unreached population through a trusted SOULPAY network.

We have partnered with retail stores and built a strong community to help you with financial services such as Instant Money Transfer, Paytm Recharge, Mobile Recharges, Bill Pay, Aeps Cash Pickup , etc. We offer the best digital banking solutions from your store and quickly increase your monthly salary.

Whether you are a retailer or a distributor, we have smart solutions for everyone. Start your distribution business or online retailer business plan with soulpay and start making money. This entire journey is designed to help our retail partners grow and thrive in this technological age.

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