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PNB Housing Finance revises fixed deposit interest rates: now get up to 7.55%

PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNB Housing), a housing finance company registered with the National Housing Bank (NHB), has revised its interest rates on term deposits of less than 5 cr. According to the company’s official website, the new fees come into effect on October 7, 2022. Following the revision, the company now offers an interest rate on deposits maturing in 12 to 120 months that ranges from 7.00% to 7.40%. PNB HFL now offers a maximum interest rate of 7.55% on term deposits with terms between 36 and 47 months, well above the retail inflation rate of 7% seen in August 2022.

PNB Housing Finance FD rate

As part of the cumulative option, the company now offers an interest rate of 7.00% on deposits with a maturity of 12 to 23 months and on deposits with a maturity of 24 to 35 months, PNB Housing Finance will now offer an interest rate of 6.80%. Accumulated fixed deposits maturing in 36-47 months will now pay an interest rate of 7.55% and deposits maturing in 48-120 months will now pay an interest rate of 7.40%. On a non-cumulative fixed deposit, investors can earn interest rates every month. PNB Housing allows customers to choose between monthly, quarterly and annual installments; however, with the cumulative option, interest is applied annually to the fixed deposit and is paid with the principal at maturity.

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Seniors (people over 60) can deposit up to 1 crore with PNB Housing Finance Ltd. at special rates for seniors 0.25% higher interest rate. PNB Housing’s fixed deposits have been rated FAA+/Negative by CRISIL and AA/Stable by CARE, which implies high levels of security. For monthly income plans, PNB Housing accepts a minimum investment of 25,000; for all other plans, the minimum deposit is 10,000.

Your Fixed Deposit may be withdrawn prematurely under PNB Housing regulations. After a mandatory three-month lock-up period, the fixed deposit can be withdrawn, but account holders will be charged a penalty and the interest rate will be lower than originally promised. PNB Housing Finance stated on its website that “you have the option of withdrawing prematurely from your fixed deposit account at any time after three months from the date of deposit. Interest of 4% per annum will be paid to individuals who make an early withdrawal within six months of the date of deposit. For early withdrawals made after six months, an interest rate 1% lower than that applicable on the public fixed deposit for the period during which the deposit has accrued is offered.

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